Your CPAP hose, mask and headgear require routine cleaning for safe operation. These steps will increase the life and usefulness of your equipment. Please contact our office with any additional questions.

1. The machine has a dust filter located on the back or side of the machine; this filter should be cleaned once a month at a minimum and more often if the machine is used in a dusty area. The outer casing of the machine may be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

2. The hose, headgear, mask, and whisper swivel, if used with your mask, should be cleaned once per week. Clean these items by placing them in the sink with enough water to cover them and a mild soap, washing them thoroughly. Rinse all soap residue from the equipment and allow them to air dry. Any type of dishwashing fluid is a good mild soap. DO NOT USE ANY OTHER TYPE OF CLEANERS as these may destroy the integrity and decrease the life of your supplies. DO NOT PLACE IN WASHING MACHINES OR DISHWASHERS.
● Note the mask cushion/pillow is to be wiped or cleaned daily with a damp cloth to remove oils and sweat from skin contact. This will increase the life of your mask and reduce leaks by improving the fit.

CPAP supply cleaning and replacement schedule